About Valedesign

Started in 2012 to deal with the growing demands of ecommerce. As well as more traditional web dev roles such as SEO we offer banner ads made with the latest web standards of a small bandwidth footprint (HTML5 compliant) and taliored graphics . Too many websites are rhymed off of templates , if you want your website to be different you need a creative input . I have 20 years experience in Design, and have been involved in art since my teens.

About me
I moved from the North West to the Vale of Evesham in the late 90's looking for work and used to groom horses. I have had an involvement in animal welfare working at the NCDL (now dogs trust) as a volunteer.
In 2011 I finished an M.A at the University of Gloucester, where I learned an introduction to web design principles.Strong HTML and CSS are the bedrock of any good website , and these things in themselves take years to learn. My philosophy on web design is that it needs to reflect the individual or business it represents.
I am a keen painter and have had work shown in the Royal Academy .